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How to program the Arduino using vim

The Arduino IDE leaves a lot to be desired. Granted, it's easy for beginners to build and upload sketches, but as a text-editor it makes you want to smash your keyboard against your monitor. Repeatedly. Files open in new windows instead of a tab, and there are no advanced features

Arduino finite state machine library

Introducing arduino-fsm, a library that makes it easy to use a finite state machine in an Arduino project. Design This library is composed of two classes: Fsm and State: State Represents a state in the state machine. A state has two callback functions associated with it: on_enter and on_

Arduino menu system library

Introducing the arduino-menusystem library that makes it easy to incorporate a menu system into an Arduino project. Design The library is implemented according to the composite design pattern. When using this library you need to create Menu's, MenuItem's, and a single MenuSystem. Menu A Menu represents an item in the