How to dockerize an Ember app

In model-based sidebars in ember I created a book collection manager called bookworm to demonstrate model-based sidebars. Then in track table selections in Ember I added table selection tracking. In this post I'll show you how to use docker to create separate, isolated production and development environments. To make it

Perfection and procrastination

The amount of pressure that software engineers put on themselves is monstrous. Our view of world as a finite, discernible system causes us to aim for nothing less than perfection. With such high expectations, it's no wonder that we procrastinate, struggling to find a place to start. Thankfully, according to

Track table selections in Ember

A common user interface pattern in web applications is to allow users to select rows in a table on which common functions can be performed, such as removing the entry or assigning a category. In this post I'll be continuing the bookworm application from model-based sidebars with Ember by adding